Stephen Farber, The Hollywood Reporter

“A remarkably poignant chronicle of the devotion of these two men for 40 years… Miller and his editors have kept the story hurtling forward right up to the rousing if bittersweet conclusion. It helps if a documentary has compelling subjects, and Adams and Sullivan certainly hold the camera. But the skill of the filmmakers socks the story home.”

Andrew Travers, Aspen Times Weekly

“The passage of time is a powerful force in the film as it follows the couple from their 20s into their 60s. With their love story at its center, “Limited Partnership” becomes less a polemic about gay marriage and more a universal tale about devotion through good times and bad, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.”

Anita Katz, The San Francisco Examiner

“The documentary serves as a relevant LGBT-rights history lesson and is equally a poignant love story. Adams and Sullivan… come across as unsung civil-rights pioneers and inspiring examples of enduring love.”

Briege McGarrity, Independent Film Quarterly

“A compelling human rights documentary… The insightful and honest commentary…. and… the archival footage and photographs documenting their storied relationship gives Limited Partnership a wonderful flow and cohesion. Limited Partnership enjoyed a well-deserved standing ovation after its World Premiere at the prestigious Los Angeles Film Festival. One of the year’s best documentaries.”

Jill Dale, Splash Magazines

“Limited Partnership tells this story so beautifully and with such poignancy that might make even fundamentalists reconsider gay rights. This indignant and poignant new documentary… offers a lot of insight into the ideology and psychology, as well as the rapidly changing landscape, of homophobia and the struggles of marriage equality.”